Daily Day Trading Recap for March 12th

Posted on March 12, 2013 · Posted in Blog

Now I Know Why They Call Me Lucky Liz!

What’s up Peeps!

How many of ya’ll loved peeps as a kid? *Raising Hand*  I love those delicious sugary pieces of mystery and who knows what else.

You might be wondering why I’m in such a great mood. And after you see my market recaps you won’t understand either because I did meh the past two days.

I managed to win a total of one point per day in the past two days.  The market has just been moving at a snail’s pace and I to be quite honest I made a few mistakes in this kind of environment.

But I think I have everything under control again and am ready to get back at it tomorrow.

Although I don’t have any major lessons for you all today I do have the two market recaps and a brief story of why I’m starting to think I do deserve the name Lucky Liz!

I just spilled water all over my computer and it’s still running!  So I feel extremely lucky.  That’s about the only reason why.  As you know everything else I had to work my ass off to earn.

Keep up the grind and pretty soon you’ll be as lucky as me.

Till Tomorrow,

Lucky Liz

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Liz Herrera Liz Herrera is a day trader and former professional poker player. Between 2003-2011 she was one of the top female earners at the highest and most difficult stakes online. As a result, she was featured in Jared Tendler’s book, The Mental Game of Poker. Since then she has retired from online poker and now spends her time educating new day traders on the importance of a solid mindset.