I’m Back And Firing On All Cylinders

Posted on May 1, 2013 · Posted in Blog

It’s Been Awhile

So, I haven’t been blogging for over a month.  I typically have a ton to say but for some reason there really wasn’t much on my mind that I had to get out there the past month.

I’ve also been incredibly busy.  I’ve been training the die hard students who are committed to becoming profitable traders.  And to be honest with you we have a couple that are finally getting there.

And let’s face it April hasn’t exactly been a nice month.  There is such low volume that lately watching these bars print is like watching paint dry.  It surely has become a test of patience.  That just goes to show you how far some students have come.

Take Francessca for instance.  She’s been trying to learn this for five years.  She was recruited into the world of trading by a man who is now wanted by the FBI and all sorts of other government agencies.  Luckily she just have him enough to train her.  There were others that weren’t so lucky as they gave him money to invest for him.  Which leads me to a side rant.

Learn to invest your OWN money YOURSELF.

You can’t imagine how many articles I come across on a daily basis about people that have either been ripped off or do not make shit on their investments.  In fact I made the decision earlier today to share these with you whenever I come across one.

Hopefully this will be enough to drill learning into those thick heads of yours!

It seriously pisses me off to see people ripped off by bullshit like this.  When all along 30 minutes – 1 hour a day will go a LONG way.

Take this article I came across today about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s biggest money regret.

————————————–ARTICLE SNIPPET———————————————————

“What’s the deal with celebs and bungled finances?
How exactly do the rich and famous manage to so badly botch their finances? In most cases, we can only speculate. Did “pay taxes” not make it onto Wesley Snipes’ April to-do list? Do they have liquidity issues, with all their money tied up in castles and dinosaur fossils (ahem, Nick Cage, ahem)?

Don’t these people have people for these kinds of things?

Actually, we can answer that last one: Yes, they do have people. Sadly, those people don’t always have their back.

bernie madoff

Source New York Magazine

Nicolas Cage had a guy to manage his affairs. Cage sued that guy for mismanaging his finances and leaving the actor with $6 million-plus in tax liabilities.

Steven Spielberg, Kevin Bacon, and Kyra Sedgwick also had a guy. His name was Bernie Madoff.

Abdul-Jabbar also had a guy. It was business manager Tom Collins, who took charge of his career, life, and money.

I’ve got a guy — here’s his number

How did Abdul-Jabbar come to hire Collins? “Naiveté made me choose Tom,” Abdul-Jabbar told Sports Illustrated in a 1987 Interview:

I just assumed Tom knew what he was doing. I felt insecure going out and trying to find somebody new. He represented a lot of athletes, there hadn’t been any complaints that I was aware of, so I just decided that the status quo was fine.

And to be quite honest this just doesn’t happen to celebs.  It happens to hard working individuals everyday.  That’s why I encourage people to learn to manage and invest their own money. “

——————————/ARTICLE SNIPPET—————————————-


Enough of the side rant let’s now talk about what I’ve been focusing on.


The primary thing that we’ve been focusing on in the trading school is making sure everyone has a solid trading plan.  To start with I actually gave every student a copy of my very own plan.   This allowed everyone to either adopt and model the plan and make it their own or know exactly how to create their own.

The reason we are doing this is because at the end of the month we will be adding a live trading room.  It’s very exciting and something that many people have been asking for since we first launched in January.

If you’d like to learn more about our trading program do not hesitate to drop me a line.  As soon as we do add the live room we will be raising monthly prices to cover the costs associated.  So, shoot me a line and I’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Until next time.

Good Luck in the market!

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Liz Herrera Liz Herrera is a day trader and former professional poker player. Between 2003-2011 she was one of the top female earners at the highest and most difficult stakes online. As a result, she was featured in Jared Tendler’s book, The Mental Game of Poker. Since then she has retired from online poker and now spends her time educating new day traders on the importance of a solid mindset.