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Francessca Powers. Current Student

Francessca Powers

After retiring from 37 years of full-time employment, I searched for something to occupy my time and attention.  Had always been interested in money; but other than working hard for it, didn’t have any experience or knowledge of how to get it.  So I started watching CNBC and other financial news sites.  In my wildest dreams, day trading was never on my radar.

Don’t even remember how I finally got involved in a stock advisory chat room many years ago, but there I was and some guy said he would teach me and ten other people for free to day trade.  You know the old saying; well, they’re right.  He then told me I needed this software in order for him to teach me for free.  Naturally, I bought the software, $3500 worth.  He had a live trading room where I saw the trades he took, but nothing written anywhere.  Well, to shorten this up a bit, I never was able to grasp what he was “teaching.”

So I then went on to another teacher.  My new instructor soon handed off his students to one of the other students while he pursued some new interests.  So then I went to another day-trading school.  This guy seemed to actually have written instructions along with a live trading room.  It was a vast improvement over where I had been.  From there, I found yet another teacher who also had written instructions and a live trading room.

But to shorten this even more, without all the gory details, it’s now 5 years later and I finally have found it.  All the systems and methods I was trying to learn probably worked well enough, some better than others no doubt, but there was a very important missing link.  Also, I should point out that by the time I got to this point, my confidence in my abilities was less than zero.

This method is easily understood and simple to execute.  But I feel the major difference, the real breakthrough, came from the coaching and the mindset principles.  Nowhere else have I found this vital element for success.  I am sure there are traders who have become profitable with only training in a good, solid system because they had more confidence in their own abilities, but I needed to rebuild my personal confidence after having failed so many times before.  I was damaged goods.  This method let me prove to myself how good it really is if I have the confidence to trust its system and allow it to work.

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