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Sonia Flores.

Sonia Flores

When I contemplated going to college, my dreams were to be a stock broker, however, classes and advisers took me another route and not the route I had once dreamed of.  Life got in the way and I never did purse my original thought of being a broker. Funny how things have a way of finding you!

I have known Liz for many years and I have seen her many successes especially in the poker realm. At a low point in my life, Liz introduced me to Emini Trading. It was the thing I was looking for however, I was not in a financial position to join trading rooms or buy any systems. She went ahead and helped me to learn how to trade and teach me what would eventually become the basis of the curriculum you see on the site now. Anyone can teach you how to trade, but Liz’s value and the value of this site is in the mental aspect that I have come to learn. I know that I will soon achieve all the goals I have set for myself thanks to what I have learned from Liz and this site.

About the author

Liz Herrera Liz Herrera is a day trader and former professional poker player. Between 2003-2011 she was one of the top female earners at the highest and most difficult stakes online. As a result, she was featured in Jared Tendler’s book, The Mental Game of Poker. Since then she has retired from online poker and now spends her time educating new day traders on the importance of a solid mindset.

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